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“Official” Site Launch Nears

Pinball Style is finally live, and the new hats are awesome, but I think we need a party. I’m going to celebrate with some CGR Infinity reviews of classic video game pinball games. Crack a beer and turn on the Atari, it’s time to party!

Oh, if this is your first time here…. WELCOME! Come back often because we’re uploading a massive load of pinball merch over the next few days.

Pinball Style

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Pinball Style is live!

Turn down the lights, turn up the disco and launch the ball! It’s time for Pinball Style, an exciting collection of retro pinball themed clothes, glassware, accessories and more from the mind that brought you Classic Game Room and Turbo Volcano.

Bookmark the site like it’s 1995 and stop back often to check out new products and features as they launch. MULTIBALL!